From title review and inspection reports to purchase and sales agreements, I can help protect your investment. I assist clients in avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that can crop up in residential real estate transactions.

Purchase and Sales Agreements

I can draft, review and revise residential real estate contracts. I also ensure that all the right contingencies are drafted into the agreement for your financial protection. For example, if you need to sell one home to finance the new one, we will add in a contingency that the sale is valid only on the sale of the existing home. This way, you do not lose your down payment on the new home in the event the other one does not sell.

Clearing the Title and Residential Real Estate Closings

Whenever you purchase a home, it is critical that the title is clear for proper ownership and free of any liens or judgments. With a thorough title search, you can feel confident that the title is free of any encumbrances. I also assist with title insurance to protect you from loss due to title defects and choose the best title underwriters. Keep in mind that liens can be filed for child support, taxes and contractor’s fees.

The Florida Homestead Exemption

The Florida Homestead exemption allows Florida residents to keep property taxes down and to protect their property from creditors. It is a valuable resource for many Florida homeowners. I can explain how this exemption can help you and provide legal advice on how to navigate it, as it is complex.

I offer practical solutions and a personalized approach for all of your residential real estate proceedings and matters. When you purchase or sell residential real estate in Florida, there is a list of laws and regulations along with a lot of paperwork. Sales agreements, title checks, disclosures, insurance and liens all have to handled correctly, as it may not be possible to make changes after the sale.