Commercial real estate law covers a broad range of business activities. It governs apartment complexes, office buildings, retail centers, hotels and vacant property poised for development. A big part of commercial real estate law is focused on contracts, which tend to be quite lengthy and complex.

Commercial Real Estate Contingencies

Many commercial real estate contracts contain contingencies. These contingencies offer you protection by requiring specific performance of the conditions laid out in the contract. Common contingencies in commercial real estate contracts include a mortgage contingency, inspection contingency and another sale contingency. The mortgage contingency allows you to walk away from the deal if you cannot secure a mortgage. The inspection contingency specifies that the contract is valid only if the inspector’s report is positive. The other sale contingency specifies that the contract is contingent on the sale of another piece of real estate in order to finance the second. I can draft the best language to cover the conditions for execution of the contract and determine the right contingencies to add to your commercial building contract.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Florida

Under Florida law, both landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities. Landlords are responsible for providing timely repairs and cannot deny housing because of unlawful discrimination. At the same time, the tenant must pay rental fees on time and abide by the rental agreement. I can help in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes, including lease violations, evictions, subleasing, tenant improvements and build-out disputes. For landlords, it is essential that the proper steps are followed in the eviction process. We do what is best for our commercial clients from a legal and business perspective.

In addition, I can handle title opinions, including a title search and check for liens to ensure that a commercial parcel or building has clear title. From drafting legal complaints to answering interrogatories, I can handle the whole litigation process. Whether you need a commercial real estate contract drawn up, a dispute negotiated or representation in court, I am here to help. Often, commercial real estate transactions and disputes involve a substantial amount of monies. I will protect your rights and investment.